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AT972 AeroTwin Engine without Turbo $6,900.00

AT972T AeroTwin Engine with Turbo

AeroTwin AT972 Engine Accessory Quick-Pricing

Item No. / Description / Price
AT781 Reduction Box w/ Centrifugal Clutch $1,495.00
AT560 Recution Box Mount (down direction) $112.00
AT867 Oil Tank / Oil Cooler $400.00
AT732 Wiring Harness (Optional 4-coil Setup) $146.00
AT739 Wiring Harness (Optional AT732 with ON/OFF Switch) $256.00
AT734 Wiring Harness (Airframe Wiring) $14.80
AT710 4-Coil Optional Setup $460.00
AT779 Shroud - Airplane Application $300.00
AT780 Shroud - Pusher Application $600.00
AT662 Oil Cooler Union $35.00
AT664 Engine Soft Mounts $14.00
AT340 Compressor Transfer Ducting $6.00
AT714 Exhaust Pipe $45.00

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AeroTwin Warranty
All AeroTwin engines include a six-month parts and labor warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover shipping or labor to remove engine from aircraft, if necessary. A warranty extension may be filed if the engine is not used during the first six months.

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